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School of Information and Communication Technology

The School of ICT has launched an outreach project, The Heart of SICT. The initiative is aimed at assisting our students and community, who are in need of hand-up. It is important to demonstrate our commitment to the values of our Institution. We would like to get as much support as possible and therefore we ask staff and students to participate in the spirit of Ubuntu by donating various items during the course of this campaign.

Please note that this outreach project is only for the benefit of students in the School of ICT and its surrounding community.

Each aspect the project will have a different theme. We currently running a year long campaign, in conjunction with the SweetHearts Foundation, collecting bottle tos and bread tags, which will assist the foundation in giving wheelchairs to the disadvantaged members of the community. 

In an attempt to provide for the needs of all our students, we also ask that you make suggestions as to the type of assistance that you would like to see form part of this project. We also want you to note that although each month has a different theme, students are more than welcome to ask for help for any other items at any time.  For specific requests please fill in the form or please email Ashleigh.Brown@mandela.ac.za

Drop off point: North Campus, outside R234 & R136

We seek your kind contribution towards this noble cause. Through your act of kindness many lives will be touched.

We will be grateful for your support

Kind Regards
The School of Information, Communication and Technology


The Heart of SICT Request Form

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